Microsoft really wowed us this week with a handful of brilliant new devices. The brand new Lumias look like they finally make Windows a serious mobile contender, and the new Surfaces are a step up from last year's models. Meanwhile, the brand new Surface Book is Microsoft's first honest to goodness flagship computer, a total powerhouse that's more than a laptop. The screen also detaches for a clipboard mode, leaving the GPU and extra battery in the keyboard—and it can even reattach in reverse for a full power tablet mode.

You can check out my recap of everything announced from earlier this week, too, for more juicy details.

Android Marshmallow is now currently rolling out to Nexus devices, and the killer feature here is easily Now On Tap. Now On Tap pays attention to what's on your display to give you contextual information, so if you're listening to music on Rdio, you can use Now on Tap to find more information about the artist you're listening to. Then, you can even say, "How old is he," and it'll know who you're asking about. It's really cool stuff. We have a great recap video on it right here if you want to see more. If you're looking to manually flash the stock image, we have a video to help you do that, too, right here!

Remember that story from a week or so back about SAG AFTRA? Well, the votes are in and video game voice actors have unanimously voted to strike. Over 96% of members are looking for better compensation, royalties, and more transparency in contracts and insurance. Some of the biggest names to speak out in favor of the vote have been David Hayter, the former voice of Solid Snake, and Jennifer Hale, best known for the role of FemShep from Mass Effect, using the hashtag #PerformanceMatters.

This week, Amazon launched Amazon Handmade to challenge Etsy in the craft focused self operated arena. Sellers will be subject to a $40 fee for over 40 sales per month and after August of next year, Amazon will also be taking a 12% cut. Given Amazon's anticompetitive habits and historically tenuous relationships with sellers, I don't have high hopes for the service, but you can check it out for yourself by applying for a seller profile.

Finally, some bummertown news for those of you on Verizon's grandfathered unlimited plans: Starting in November, your monthly rates will be going up by up to $20. Your new total per month should rest somewhere around $60 for a line with unlimited data without including voice & text. That said, that's still a totally reasonable price for a truly unlimited data plan.