Apple supplier Pegatron is reportedly gearing up to increase its number of workers by 40 percent this quarter, sparking new speculation that Apple is indeed working on a more affordable, low-cost iPhone to launch alongside the iPhone 5S.

Reuters learned of the news Thursday morning and noted that the manufacturer typically has 100,000 employees working in its factories, but demand for increased production will require additional staffing. Reuters was also told that the company expects 60 percent of its entire revenue from the year will be made this quarter alone. That, too, suggests that a large order has been placed. Pegatron CFO Charles Lin revealed some of the information but skirted any hint toward a new iPhone and instead suggested that the company will soon be building new computers with Intel's lower-cost Haswell CPU.

Last month a report suggested that Foxconn, too, was ramping up hiring efforts as production for the iPhone 5S nears. Sharp is expected to begin production of the new display for the iPhone 5S next month. Right now we're expecting Apple will reveal its new iPhone and iPad products closer to the end of the summer or in early fall, but also believe Apple will discuss the new mobile operating system, iOS 7, during WWDC 2013 on June 10.