With a community of more than 100,000 mobile users and the support of over 2,000 dispensaries, Budbo, a data analytics firm dubbed the “Tinder of weed,” has launched the sale of tokens (BUBO tokens) for its platform, which the company is building on blockchain technology (based on Ethereum Blockchain).

Budbo’s vision is to mobilize and decentralize of the entire cannabis industry on the blockchain, providing users, dispensaries, growers, and others with the necessary technology to record information in an immutable ledger.

According to Budbo, the use of blockchain technology, which leverages crypto-tokens built on smart contracts, will streamline a lot of processes in the cannabis industry.

“The cannabis community at large is a self-governing group of activists, patients, physicians, developers, artists, and enthusiasts,” explained Luke Patterson, President and co-founder of Budbo. “All these groups are working towards the common goal of improving the cannabis industry through contributing votes, engineering and technology. We believe that Budbo’s knowledge of decentralized applications and Budbo’s network will help achieve that goal.”

Budbo has operated as a mobile platform since 2016, providing users with the ability to match a cannabis user with their preferred strain or product (hence, why it’s called the Tinder of weed). With blockchain technology, Budbo will ensure the industry is safe for all interested parties, from supply chain management to regulation. That means the safe transfer of goods, verified strain potency, and more.

Budbo has already sold out of their presale, as well as tiers 1 and 2. Currently, the company is on tier 3 (30,000,000 tokens), with tiers 4 and 5 to come. Sales will end on March 5. Budbo says the purpose of holding a token sale is to fund its vision of the Budbo Blockchain; once you own tokens, which the company says are for utility, you’ll get API access to Budbo’s ledger.

You can register on Budbo’s website to purchase BUBO tokens.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Budbo