Bruce Willis gun

Bruce Willis is reportedly planning to sue Apple over the rights to his iTunes music collection after his death. The 57-year-old wishes to leave his collection to his daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, but this is a violation of Apple's terms and conditions for iTunes.

British tabloid The Sun reports:

BRUCE Willis is preparing to take Apple to court over who owns his huge digital music collection after he dies.

But under iTunes' current terms and conditions, customers essentially only 'borrow' tracks rather than owning them outright.

So any music library amassed like that would be worthless when the owner dies.

As The Sun's report notes, when you purchase a song or album from a digital store like iTunes, you don't actually own that song — you simply own the rights to listen to it. According to Apple, those rights are "nontransferable," so you cannot sell them, or pass them onto another person — not even in the event of death.

In an effort to circumvent this rule, Willis is now asking advisors to set up a trust that can take ownership of his iTunes library, according to the report, which features songs from artists like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. He is also said to be backing "legal moves" calling for better rights for downloaders.

Of course, like the rest of us, Willis agreed to the terms before he started purchasing music from the iTunes Store, and so he may not get his wish if he decides to fight Apple in court.

[Via: The Sun]