If you’re the highly organized type who likes to have things all sorted out before your new gadgets arrive, you better hit up iTunes before your iPad arrives tomorrow to download those all important apps so they’re ready for the moment you sign for your tablet.  Apple has made public their library of iPad applications that can now be downloaded to iTunes before you’re supposed to get your device.

If you’re still on the fence, take a moment and browse some of the top iPad applications to see if you can’t muster a solid justification for the device fitting neatly into some part of your life.  Need some help?  We got you covered.

Netflix:  Revealed yesterday, the Netflix app that you may or may not have thought to be an April Fools joke was originally discovered by AppAdvice, the Netflix app is very, very real and one of the killer applications available for Saturday’s iPad launch.   Watch as many movies as you want with your Netflix membership streamed inches away from your face.  This app alone will push a few devices out Apple’s doors.  Hulu, you’re next!


Yahoo! Entertainment:   Quite the shocker, Yahoo’s iPad app looks to be a welcome addition to the iPad if for nothing else than the glorious TV guide to make all your TV scheduling a bit more fun.  You’ll also have access to Yahoo news, sports, movies, book reviews, and all the Yahoo video you could ever want.  As the iPad looks to be the ultimate couch companion, you’ll find yourself picking up your iPad instead of hitting your TV’s on-screen guide.


Pages:  Some people are actually going to try to get some work done with the iPad so it’s no wonder the robust word processor that Apple optimized for multitouch is sitting comfortably at the top position of the paid app category.  Feel free to convince yourself that you’re going to be productive by picking up any of the three iWork apps; Pages, Keynote, or Numbers.


N.O.V.A.:  Gaming on the iPad is going to be a killer feature.  It’s a handheld console that offers a unique experience given it’s large screen, multitouch controls, and accelerometer.  Optimized for the iPad, this FPS is sure to be one of the best selling titles that’ll be available from launch.   Thanks to the iPad’s larger screen, touch controls will no longer feel cramped and obtrusive as they often are on the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Browse through the iPad apps yourself and let us know if you find any apps you think are must-haves.  Share those apps in the comments so we can all ready our iTunes app libraries.