The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2013 is here, and the first game up for grabs is Starbreeze Studios' Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The launch trailer has been put out to mark the release, and this Sweden based studio looks to provide a much deeper tale than the typical Summer Arcade experience.

The game tells the tale of two brothers setting out through a fantasy world to find a cure for their passing father. The player controls the two brothers, one with each analog stick, as they fight monsters and solve cooperative puzzles that could only be tackled through cooperation.

The hype train has this game labeled as one of the biggest indie darlings of the year from those who have played it. The trailer alone packs an emotional punch

If the game is half as great as others have made it out to be, then it looks like Microsoft might be on a much more successful streak than last year's Summer of Arcade.Those without an Xbox 360 must wait just a little bit because a Steam and a PlayStation Network version are due later this summer once the exclusivity deal dries up.

The game will be available today on Xbox Live and it will cost 1,200 Microsoft Points.