Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons just released from 505 Games and Starbreeze Studios for the Xbox 360. It's done a bang-up job amongst critics and early comers. The Xbox 360 exclusivity, though, is fleeting.

Players will be able to snag Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the PC platform starting August 28th, 2013. It will sell on Steam. PlayStation 3 owners will be able to buy it virtually on September 3rd. Both platforms will offer the title for $14.99.

On a related note, when's the last time Microsoft had a bonafide, must-buy exclusive on the Xbox 360? While Sony's pumped out games like The Last of Us and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, Microsoft seems happy to launch World of Tanks and call it a day while they wait for the Xbox One. The last "major" Xbox 360 exclusive I can even think of is Gears of War: Judgment. And here comes Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, incredible and exclusive for a few weeks.

You can snag Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the Xbox 360 right now. Or, you can wait until the aforementioned release dates to nab it on either the PC or PlayStation 3. Word is that this game is a real gem. We'll have a "Let's Play" of it when it drops for the PC.