I haven’t gotten around to this week’s PlayStation Plus free offering in the Instant Game Collection. Brothers: A Tales of Two Sons snagged up a lot of praise as one of of the best indie titles to come out of last year, and from what I can tell, it’s nice that we can see such an emotional game escape the shadow of its ridiculously redundant title.

Sweden based Starbreeze Studio’s indie darling is a unique little game in that it allows for two characters to be controlled using a single controller. Each analog stick directs the movements of one brother, and the pairing of their skills will help overcome any obstacle in the game. Together, they search for a special medicine to help cure their father of a rare disease.

It’s high on my list of games to finally get around to playing, a list that grows every week thanks to Sony’s generous offerings of free content. How can one man keep up with it all?

Expect to see Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for free when the PlayStation Store updates on Wednesday.