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Apple looks like it's finally nearing the grand opening of its first store in Brooklyn. Recent job listings posted to LinkedIn suggest the new Apple Store could make its debut later this year. The company reportedly signed a lease back in 2014.

Apple is currently looking for a Retail Manager and Senior Manager in Brooklyn. Both positions would presumably be based at the new Apple Store, which is located in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood and expected to open in late 2016. Construction on the 20,000 square foot space began in September 2015.

Apple's first Brooklyn store is also likely to feature the new retail design currently being rolling out. That includes a "Genius Grove" that can accommodate more people than the current Genius Bar setup, an "Avenue" to showcase Apple products and special third-party gadgets, and a giant 6K display for special events and presentations.

Apple already operates six stores in Manhattan along with two more in the neighboring boroughs of Queens and Staten Island. The company is also expected to open another location at the Westfield World Trade Center mall sometime this year.