Broken Age

I’ve never made a video game. I haven’t worked at a gaming company, I’ve never built my own startup, I’ve never been an industry wide personality and I don’t have any cult favorite games in my library. Put simply, I don’t know what it’s like to be Tim Schafer or work at Double Fine.

That said, it seems to me that the company has some weird issues when it comes to time management. Take, for instance, Broken Age. This was the successful Kickstarter campaign that was funded with $3.3 million back on March 13th, 2012. That’s more than two years ago, calendar keepers.

The game had to be split into two Acts, and the first was released and sold in order to make enough money to create Act 2.

A new update from Double Fine has just spread the news that Tim Schafer and the crew have finally finished writing Act 2. Writing it. Not making it, writing it.

I loved the first Act of Broken Age. I backed the project because I grew up with adventure games, I enjoy Schafer’s writing and I think Double Fine can craft some really wonderful stuff. But, man, the company sure gets caught up on things. This game was originally slated for October of 2012.

That’s exactly two years ago, friends. That’s crazy. Its writing now finished, I imagine pace will pick up a lot on Broken Age‘s final development. I can’t wait to play it.