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While it almost seems like a guarantee right now, Apple is yet to officially confirm that its iPad will indeed feature a high-resolution Retina display. But some developers are already putting in a lot of time to prepare their apps based on the rumors that have circulated for months.

One of those is British broadcaster BSkyB, which provides the hugely popular Sky Go service on iOS and Android, allowing Sky subscribers to watch live TV on their mobile devices on the go. David Gibbs, director of Sky Sports Digital Media, told TechRadar that the company is already testing improvements based on the recent “assumptions”:

“Any improvements Apple can make to the experience of [the iPad] are always great,” he said.

“We don’t know about any specific improvements, but we are making preparations based on assumptions of new technology – that’s all we can do right now.”

This is likely to mean that Sky is working on high-definition video streams that will look good on the iPad’s Retina display. The existing streams already look pretty great on the iPad over a decent broadband connection, but it would certainly be nice to see Sky accommodating that huge resolution.

While Sky claims it hasn’t received confirmation from Apple that the new tablet will feature a better display, it confirms it has been working closely with the company on its apps:

“We’ve worked quite closely with Apple on our application because it’s so new; that’s why certain elements (such as split screen video feeds) aren’t ready yet as we’re pushing what the [iPad] can do.”

I’m sure Sky’s efforts won’t be wasted, and that Apple will introduce the display we’ve all been hearing about later today.

Will you be hoping for high-definition streams for Sky Go?

[via TechRadar]