iPad 2 Review ConclusionBritish Airways is now supplying its flight attendants with iPads. The iPads are loaded with safety documents and manuals to help the attendants better do their job while in the air.

Each iPad will also come loaded with information about all of the passengers on a flight, which will allow attendants to find specific passengers quickly if they need to, know what other people (like kids) that person might be traveling with and even look up whether they want the chicken or fish for dinner for longer flights.

The airline originally tested the service with 100 members of the flight crew. After the successful trial, the airline is now planning on deploying iPads to all of its senior flight crew in the coming months.

British Airways isn’t the first airline to bring tablets to the friendly skies. Alaska Airlines recently announced it would be replacing in-flight manuals for pilots with iPads, and American Airlines has started offering Galaxy Tab 10.1s to its first-class passengers during long flights.

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