Just days before Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S8, a video has surfaced that shows the smartphone in action. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the S8 in a video, but it is the best look at the phone yet.

The short nine-second video uploaded by Slashleaks shows the S8 from the lock screen to the app drawer, and gives us a great look at the new minimalistic icons we saw not too long ago. We also get a real good look at the back of the phone, which shows off the elements we’re very familiar with thanks to all the leaks—the all-glass back, camera and fingerprint reader.

Damn, it looks beautiful

The black color the S8 is sporting also looks particularly stealthy. It reminds me of the Black Onyx Note 7. This will very much be a descendant of the Note 7 and will look just as good, if not better thanks to the minimized display bezels.

Once the Galaxy S8 is officially announced, TechnoBuffalo will bring you all the coverage you need.