We’re still waiting for the final verdict on Capcom’s upcoming free-to-play mobile RPG Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon. The game has been in development for over two years now, far too long for a simple mobile game, and my guess is that initial disgust from older fans of the cult-franchise forced Capcom back to the drawing board.

Since then, incremental information releases have shown a bit of improvement, especially in the cutscene department. The latest trailer from Capcom is dazzling, showing no signs of corner cutting in terms of landing top quality animation. There is just one problem with this trailer.

No gameplay. I’m not impressed by images that I can’t play in a game. Terra Battle has taught me to warm up to the idea of free-to-play RPGs, so I might give Breath of Fire 6 a go with an open mind even if I think the franchise could make a fabulous Nintendo 3DS incarnation. However, I have no intention of giving Breath of Fire 6 a second thought if Capcom continues to dangle keys in front of our faces in the form of its pretty animation.

Show us how the actual game looks, please, so we can see if it is worthy to get excited over. Siliconera has also provided a translation of Famitsu’s description of the lore.

A long time ago, during the days of gods.

There was a clan that had a power that surpasses all living creatures, and sublime virtue that was said equal to that of the gods. This clan, called the “Dragons,” achieved great prosperity, as the world evolved.

However, the peace and prosperity would not last forever, as one day, the Dragon Clan split between the “White Dragon and “Black Dragon,” and this marked the beginning of a fierce battle.

With the giant dragons colliding amongst each other, natural disasters occurred on the planet, leaving it in terrible condition, and many lives were lost along the way.

Before long, thanks to the actions of a brave young man, the fight was halted. Then, the Dragon clan quietly disappeared.

Months and years went by. The battle between the White Dragons and the Black Dragons became a thing of legends, then from legend to myth.

…and now, the era of chaos surrounding the dragons is about to begin, once again.

A batch of screenshots showing off the gameplay also looks promising, and the artwork much more closely resembles the old games than it used to. I’m still waiting to see them in motion though before casting judgement. A still frame doesn’t speak as much about quality as seeing two frames blend together. You know, motion!

Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon will be released on smartphones in Japan some time in 2015. No word on a localization yet.