Breath of Fire 6 is still up in the air in terms of putting out a game fans of the cult-JRPG series can be proud of. Many fear a mobile cash-in of epic proportions, but Capcom’s delays have proven to be fertile enough. Hints of the series’ lore, an excellent anime intro, and a more accurate art design have all slithered their way into the final product over time, giving the illusion of a healthy balance between the classic games and the modern mobile market.

…for the time being at least.

Now, Capcom has taken another step in pleasing fans, introducing this game’s incarnation of Ryu and Nina. For those who don’t know, Breath of Fire operates much like The Legend of Zelda in how Link and Zelda are reincarnated in times of trouble. Except rather than green tunics, Ryu is always blessed with blue hair and the ability to morph into a dragon.

Nina and Zelda are both born into families of royalty, but Nina belongs to a race of winged humanoids.

Breath of Fire 6

Ryu has always been the protagonist of the series, controlled by the player, but this setup simply can’t happen in a mobile RPG which allows for a customized playable character. Instead, Ryu is the player’s older brother this time around, and he goes missing after a battle. It will be the job of our protagonist to find him, opening up a perfect path for aimlessly meandering through a JRPG world, just like the older games.

I’m not entirely sold on Breath of Fire 6, and I think Capcom has shown little faith in the series by not allowing it to truly thrive on the Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita like other JRPG developers have done with their classic franchises. However, I’m not willing to throw it out entirely just yet. I’m hoping against all hope that Capcom can somehow make it work for older fans as well.

Breath of Fire 6 will be released for iOS and Android later this year in Japan. No word yet for an English release.