All for one, an done for all! Bravely Second stars a trio of justice defenders known as the Three Musketeers, no relation to the Alexandre Dumas serialization. This is the same group which starred in the demo at Tokyo Game Show 2014 last weekend, and it is comprised of Yuu, a new protagonist with magic enhancing abilities, and his cohorts Jean and Nikolai.

Together, they make up a high ranked group of knights of the Crystal Orthodoxy, a plucky group charged with protecting Bravely Default‘s leading lady and recently appointed Pope of the Orthodoxy, Agnes. Only, they didn’t do such a hot job on guard duty. Bravely Second‘s plot starts with Agnes being kidnapped the night before she was to sign a peace treaty between her church and the Highland nation it finds itself in.

Yuu and his friends team up with Magnolia, the firecracker female lead of Bravely Second, in the demo to rescue a young boy from bandits in the forest. If we are following with Bravely Default‘s four person party structure, my guess is Yuu and Magnolia will stumble across two more leading characters. Jean and Nikolai don’t seem like the kind of characters to take center stage and carry the story of an entire JRPG.

This trailer also shows off the new musical score with a piece or two from new composer Ryo. Bravely Default was top class in the music department, especially the character’s individual limit break tunes, and Ryo has some pretty big shoes to fill in.

I’m pumped for Bravely Second, and I can’t wait to dive back into the old-school JRPG world that this promising new team at Square Enix have created. It will launch in Japan this December, and a localization shouldn’t be too far behind.