At this point, the only announcement I care about for Square Enix's Bravely Second is a Western release date. Everything else is just extra sugary sweet icing that I don't really need and will probably just make me really fat.

Oh well, anything for the excuse to listen to that incredible soundtrack one more time. These composers know what they are doing.

The latest trailer shows off the game's ever-increasing number of job classes. The first Bravely Default famously revamped the classic Final Fantasy job system for the modern age, and this new one is only piling on top of it with original ideas like Exorcist, Tomohawk and Cat Master. Plus, the adorably bland Tiz is coming back as some kind of freakishly angry super hero!

I hope one quest in the game is directed at quelling all that inner angst, and Tiz can get back to worrying about his lost sheep or something of the like.

Bravely Second is also bringing back the Street Pass functions of the original game, but it's my guess we'll understand more about these new features once Square Enix gets around to releasing English trailers. The images in this trailer show more signs of town building and the trading of super-bosses between players. Yes, please!

Hopefully, the day will soon come when we can sigh a deep breath of relief knowing 100 percent that Bravely Second will make it to the West. The development team has hinted at a localization, but Square Enix enjoys sadistically torturing its Nintendo 3DS audience these days and has offered nothing rock solid for us. The game launches next month in Japan.