Square Enix needs to keep a tighter grip on these trademarks or its entire E3 presentation is going to be spoiled. Yesterday saw the trademark of Star Ocean: Faithlessness and Integrity slip through Square Enix’s fingers, and today brings us joyous news of Bravely Second. Its trademark has been filed with Europe’s Office for Harmonization in the International Market. Man, that is an impressive name.

Again, should this rumor pan out, it all but confirms a localization for Bravely Default’s highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS sequel. It also hints that this will be just another game during Square Enix’s E3 presentation.

Hey Europe! Why not go ahead and give Dragon Quest VII a leak while you are at it?

Much like its predecessor, Bravely Second’s trademark does not sport the Japanese subtitle, in this case End Layer. The trademark just reads “Bravely Second.” Expect the game to turn up at both Nintendo and Square Enix’s E3 presentations which are occurring one after the other on June 16.