Bravely Default was widely praised for its take on the traditional Final Fantasy job system, but its sequel, Bravely Second, is getting a little bit liberal with its choices for new classes.

One of these new ones not appearing in older games is the Tomahawk class, and as you might predict, it is modeled after traditional Native American clothing. A batch of new art and screenshots show off the Tomahawk’s ability to fire guns at multiple enemies with a single shot and cast support magic to help their friends.

Using this new interesting job class, Square Enix also used it to highlight one of the characters, Amy Matchlock. She holds the asterisk, a gem which grants the job class powers to the main characters, and she lives with her warrior tribe deep within the forest ruins around Flowell. Fans of the first game will remember this setting as the one which holds beauty pageants for the vain, cynical female population.

The bundle of screenshots also point to a handful of new story elements with possible antagonists, judging from the rough looks of them, and a familiar face in Agnes returning from the first game. Bravely Default‘s protagonist Tiz and newcomers Yu, Magnolia, and possibly Amy adventure to save her after she is kidnapped on the eve of signing an important peace treaty between the warring powers of the first game. Despite her imprisonment, she can still contact with the group through telepathy.

Bravely Second will be released this winter in Japan, and it will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2014. A localization is almost assured following the success of Bravely Default in the West, where it sold over one million copies. Hopefully, the series’continued success will continue to convince Square Enix of the flourishing JRPG audience on the Nintendo 3DS, and it will finally get around to localizing Dragon Quest VII and other untranslated Dragon Quest games.