Rumor got out a while ago that Square Enix had opted to change Bravely Second’s “Tomahawk” class from a Native American to a Cowboy. Neither Square Enix or Nintendo ever commented on the change, which was possibly done for the sake of cultural sensitivity, but we now have confirmation that it has happened thanks to early adopters playing the European demo.

Screenshots of Aimee in her cowboy getup, officially called the “Hawkeye” class, have leaked onto reddit and other channels. The dialogue in these screenshots also confirm she will have a Southern accent. In Japan, Aimee spoke with a Hiroshima dialect, which doesn’t have an equivalent in English.

I’m all for the change, and I think I actually prefer the cowboy look. Others will certainly call censorship, and the world will continue to spin as it always does.

Bravely Second: End Layer launches on April 15 for the Nintendo 3DS. A demo will be available from Feb. 19.

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