Bravely Second (1)

Bravely Default is rocking a healthy financial report from Square Enix, and the Nintendo 3DS free-to-play version has just gone live in Japan, hopefully encouraging more to jump on this gravy train. Why not continue this momentum and release some long overdue information on its highly anticipated sequel, Bravely Second?

Information from the official website points out that many years have passed since the end of the first game. Our hero, Tiz, has been locked away in a healing tank for the better part of that time, as revealed in the teaser trailer hidden within the first game, and his adventure begins anew when a mysterious woman named Magnolia rocks up to save him, slaughtering his guards in stylish fashion.

What of his friends, though? What ever happened to the Wind Vestal Agnes, the loveable playboy Ringabel, and the tough as nails soldier Edea? Certainly they would want to help their imprisoned friend, right?

Well, they are lost in their own issues dealing with the recuperating planet. The Crystal Orthodoxy, Bravely Default‘s major religion, has rebuilt itself after the devastating blow dealt to it in the first game’s closing chapters, and this age of prevalence is all thanks to the tireless efforts of Agnes. She has been declared Pope and enjoys worldwide support from leaders and citizens alike, even those who don’t accept the crystals.

However, just on the eve of signing an important peace treaty designed to unite the kingdom of Eternia and the Crystal Orthodoxy once and for all, she mysteriously vanishes. Will the recently revived Tiz and his merciless female companion be tasked with saving her once again?

Bravely Second (2)

Possibly, and one place they’ll be traveling is Gathlatio, a recently reconstructed city found at the base of the Temple of Earth. This major city was where the church’s “Orthodox Knights” were once stationed, but the wars they waged with Eternia caused them to lose face and be dismantled.

In this age of peace though, despite centuries of bitter rivalries and skirmishes, the kingdom of Eternia has accepted this holy Crystal Orthodoxy city as its capital. Gathlatio enjoys a reputation as a peaceful bastion, and the Orthodox Knights have even been reinstated as defenders of the land.

Wouldn’t you know it, this is where Agnes is believed to have disappeared. On the eve of peace, something goes wrong in the heart of it all. How long before fingers start being pointed and all of this escalates?

Bravely Second (3)

The last little bit of information shared by Square Enix is that of Magnolia and how this firecracker woman will look in several of the game’s class outfits. Smokin’!

Bravely Default set up a light-hearted fantasy world, plagued with wars and very much akin to the old Final Fantasy games. This sequel is shaping up to be much more political than a mere story of children chasing elemental crystals among the chaos. I wonder how deep the plot of this game gets, and if we’ll be seeing much more inner workings of how this civilization thrives.

One thing is for certain , Square Enix isn’t going to be passing up on publication rights for a second time. You’ll be playing this game in America much sooner than you did the first one. I’ll be eagerly waiting until then.