Bravely Second

Bravely Second, the sequel to 2014's fabulous handheld JRPG Bravely Default, has just had its release date confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan as Apr. 23rd. The news comes through its official website.

For those who don't remember, Bravely Default shattered Square Enix's expectations earlier this year by selling a million copies worldwide, and it forced the company to re-evaluate the JRPG market on the Nintendo 3DS after it wrongfully assumed that no market for the game existed.

I don't think Bravely Second will take nearly as long to get a globalized release as its predecessor. Now that the franchise has seen success throughout the world, my guess is that this game was created with the intention of being localized. Perhaps translations have already begun!

That being said, I was hoping that the release date would be confirmed after we received confirmation of a Dragon Quest VII translation. As much as I want to see Bravely Second quickly translated, I don't want to see its status as a global hit lower Dragon Quest VII any further on Square Enix's priorities list. Why do I always have a nagging feeling like we are picking and choosing our Japanese releases these days?

At any rate, there is no confirmation that a Bravely Second translation will impact Dragon Quest VII, mostly because we have no confirmation that a translation for Dragon Quest VII is even being planned as we speak. Just the nervous speculation of a fan.

Tough call, but which would you rather see? I liked Bravely Default, but not as much as I loved Dragon Quest IX. Therefore, I would love the opportunity to take more Dragon Quest games out and about on my 3DS, and this looks about the best there is.