Bravely Second: End Layer isn’t even out in Japan yet, and Producer Tomoya Asano already has an idea of where he wants to take the third game! I mean, just slow down and enjoy the minute, bro. Relax.

Speaking with Famitsu, translated be Gematsu, Asano opens the flood gates on a third possible entry in Square Enix’s and Silicon Studio’s booming portable JRPG series.

“It might make you say ‘What?!’ given the timing, but I already have the concept for Bravely Third in me. If sales for [Bravely Second] are good enough, I’m planning to immediately submit a proposal. Please give me your support!”

I would love to give you my support, Asano, but you need to give me yours first in the form of an English translation. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. That’s how this works.

I liked Bravely Default, and I’m sure that Bravely Second: End Layer will be just as good. I want to quickly point out to Square Enix that it was the Western world which made Bravely Default a million selling game, not the Japanese market. Leaving this game unlocalized and only on Japanese shores is a sure fire way to make sure that support never happens and that new concept never comes to be.

Just a reminder if you ever overlook your audience again. Hurry up with the confirmation, please! Bravely Second: End Layer will launch for the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow, April 23, in Japan.