You have to wonder, at one point, will Bravely Second simply have too many job classes? We've already seen a load of new ones added to the highly anticipated JRPG sequel, but Square Enix and Silicon Studios seem quite keen to just run rampant with the amount of options your characters can have.

Will job classes even be able to distinguish themselves with so many?

We'll see when the game launches later this month in Japan, but in the meantime, Jump! magazine has just gone ahead an revealed two more! Our heroes will be able to transform into both a Fencer and a Bishop when dispatching evil monsters.

Jump's reveal, translated by Gematsu, claims that the Bishop relies heavily on Holy magic, and the wielder's main allure beyond healing will be to power the abilities of other magic wielders. It sounds like you'll be able to recover more damage and dish out more death with a Bishop in your party.

The Fencer also boosts his or her fellow adventurers' statistics, but its focus will be more on defense and attack speed. The "Stance" ability also allows for several unique sword attacks and possibly counterattacks.

These are the second and third job classes revealed over the last week or so. Each is highlighted in the job classes trailer above. The last one was Chariot which will allow characters to equip three weapons. How so? Well, the third weapon will be attached to the character's head! I mean, duh. Where else would it go?

Bravely Second: End Layer will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on April 23. Square Enix also has a beautiful new TV spot available below.