Cats continue their invasion of everything and everywhere. First it was the Internet, then it was Mario, and now it is Final Fantasy, apparently. Well, Bravely Second to be more specific, which is kind of a spin-off of Final Fantasy, but you get the idea. Cats are overtaking every major pillar of our geekish culture!

This weekend at Jump Festa in Japan, Square Enix detailed the brand new “Cat User” job class that our heroes will be able to unlock. Minette Goroneze holds the asterisk which will grant them the power, and she will have to be defeated to claim it. From there, each of the characters will be able to bring an adorable feline into battle and wreak all kinds of havoc with it.

“Cat Users,” a tentative name I am guessing, will specialize in fighting with brass knuckles and axes, and they will have access to cat themed abilities, translated by Gematsu as:

  • Cat High Arts: Takes two items to summon a pair of cats to pull off powerful moves. At Jump Festa, it was shown in a demo as used to raise everybody’s BP by one, but has been deemed too powerful by the development team and will be re-balanced accordingly. What cats appear depend on items used. When “Death Spiral,” a move that hits several times, was used, the two cats were gray and brown, and a doodle of a cat appeared above the character that summoned them (apparently drawn by designer using their non-writing hand). Items used to summon cats are acquired through moon reconstruction.
  • Cat Arts: Following moves confirmed: “Consume,” “Slugger,” “White Window,” and “Book Burning.” These only take one item to summon a cat to do.
  • Nenneko: Makes all enemies fall asleep.
  • Lie Down: Raises physical and magic defense.
  • Dig: Not clarified.

Kind of a shame. I’ve always been more of a dog person, but oh well. You can’t stop the feline invasion!

Bravely Second will be released in Japan on Apr. 23 for the Nintendo 3DS. No American release date has been made official yet, nor has Square Enix confirmed that it will even be released.