Nintendo dedicated a generous amount of time to Bravely Default during this morning's Nintendo Direct broadcast. The new extended trailer features many new faces and personalities from the upcoming collaboration with Square Enix.

Who exactly are the characters you'll be spending time with during the course of this very traditional looking quest? Who better than a typical JRPG protagonist in Tiz, a young boy who wears cliches for underpants. Backing him up are Agnes, a dark haired beauty clothed in white, Ringabel, a noble and pompous knight whose name is hard to remember, and Edea, a young girl out to prove her family bloodline.

The game's battle system is also shown off extensively with plenty of magic, job classes, and monsters to go around. This game is clearly inspired by Final Fantasy V and The 4 Heroes of Light, stripped of its Final Fantasy title and slapped into a brand new franchise.

Nintendo confirmed an early 2014 release, and I simply can't wait. If you grew up in the age of JRPGs when they were at their peak, this is the one to keep an eye on folks. This is the real deal, a dive back into your favorite memories and adventures of old.