I covered this charming indie gem at BitSummit 2015 earlier this year, but I had a few spare minutes to give Brave Yamada-kun a more relaxing playthough at Tokyo Game Show 2015 without a huge crowd surrounding it this time.

This simple RPG/puzzle game puts you in the role of a middle aged game developer named Yamada. He has been ordered by his devilish boss to work overtime and make a game over the course of one night. He takes inspiration from his dreams where he is a chubby knight who battles his boss to the death and rescues princesses.

Levels play out on a five by five grid, and Yamada must navigate the fastest possible route to the exit. He'll pick up treasure, battle enemies, and gain experience along the way. The game plays itself once the path is chosen, but the skill comes from timing the use of healing items and quickly finding the path.

Stand still too long, and Yamada starts to take damage! That countdown timer is really intimidating. Each monster killed, teasure picked up, and spell cast makes Yamada-kun one step closer to killing his boss. I took him down to the wire, and he got one lucky hit on me. I hope for another chance to play this game, because I want my sweet revenge!

Developer Onion Games has a fun mobile gem on its hands, so hopefully it comes out soon. There isn't much of a language barrier either, so non-Japanese speakers can enjoy it just as well. Look for it on iOS and Android soon.