The summer months are certainly busy ones for anyone reporting on Apple products. As we lead into September, when we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to launch, new parts leak out consistently. Today, we’re being treated to two iPhone 6 parts, a Lightning/headphone jack flex cable and yet another look at the rear panel for the iPhone 6.

The Lightning/headphone jack allegedly fits inside of the back panel which, as MacRumors points out, suggests that the part is legitimate and not just a bogus piece of hardware. We didn’t quite believe the rumors that Apple was going to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack altogether to rely only on the Lightning port — after all most renders and models have the 3.5mm headphone jack in tow, but this again dispels those rumors. It’s still certainly possible, however, that new EarPod headphones will take advantage of the Lightning port to send more data back and forth to the iPhone 6.

Finally, we get another look at a back panel with the embedded Apple logo. There are certainly plenty of fans clamoring for a glowing logo on the back of the iPhone — we admit it might look pretty cool — but it’s more likely it’s embedded as a means to allow wireless signals to transfer through the metal body and alleviate any issues with interference. Right now we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to launch in September, and a report earlier this week from The Wall Street Journal suggests Apple is gearing up to produce more units than ever before.