When Android L finally launches later this year it will bring a total rethinking of how Google’s mobile operating system should look. The search giant is calling its new aesthetic Material Design, and now we’re getting a look at how the company’s Play Store could be overhauled to match Android’s new style thanks to a fresh batch of leaked screenshots obtained by Android Police.

So what’s new with Google Play 5.0? It’s really just a design overhaul without any underlying changes to how the Android app market actually functions, so far as we can tell. The Play Store is still divided into six sections for Apps, Games, Videos, Movies & TV, Books and Newsstand, though the colors signaling each option look brighter. The biggest change in general is those colors, which stand out more in the new Google Play and are used throughout its design.

Each section storefront of Google Play 5.0 looks almost identical to the current version when it comes to layout, but once you click on a specific album, movie or app you’ll really see Material Design in action. There’s a focus on big pictures, lots of color and big flat rectangles. We’ve already seen the same style make its way to a few more apps, but we’re not expecting a total overhaul from Google until Android L is released.

We’re still not sure exactly when the next big OS update will make its official debut, though it shouldn’t be much longer now. Last year Google released Android 4.4 KitKat in late October, so hopefully we’ll see the same thing happen with Android L and Google Play 5.0 sometime next month.