The marketing wheels keep on spinning for Bungie's next big effort, Destiny. Today we have a brand new trailer that blends atmosphere, live-action and CG into one nice push.

This is Bungie's first full mega project since handing the keys to Halo over to Microsoft and 343 Industries. As such, there's a lot of hope and hype riding along with Destiny.

Here's the video's description, as it appears on YouTube, to perhaps put you in the proper mood… if you've actually made it to this point in the article without clicking play.

As a Guardian of the City sets out on an epic, action-packed adventure to reclaim our Solar System, he recalls the moment when he was first taught the most important lesson of all — The Law of the Jungle.

As the trailer suggests, we'll have a full gameplay reveal during Sony's E3 press conference. That goes down the night of June 10th.

Destiny is set to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. We'll have more on this title as it comes.