Jonathan Blow is back in the developer's chair for a brand new indie game. Actually, if you've ever seen footage of him making his indie hits Braid and The Witness, he uses a standing desk, so no, he's not in a chair.

Whatever. He's making a brand new box puzzle game, and the brief prototype he brought along to Reboot Develop conference in Croatia shows the new engine and very small bits of gameplay.

It's a nice little grid-based game. I've got a guy who can run around and push blocks and stuff.

You can see the early footage at 5:32:45, and Blow was certain to point out that this isn't even close to what it will end up looking like.

Not as ambitious as The Witness, but that's cool

After redefining how the indie game could be use for artsy expression with Braid and taking the plunge on a huge, very ambitious puzzle game with The Witness, many have wondered what Blow would be following these two games up with.

This project is certainly much simpler than The Witness. However, he also claimed to have cranked out 25 hours worth of single player gameplay, leading me to wonder if this is a simple block pushing puzzle game or something else. I mean, pushing boxes for 25 straight hours isn't always fun. Vagrant Story proved that way back in 2000.

Hope to see more soon.