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The Boxee Box set-top box is now available for pre-order, after several months of delay.

The device is set to ship in November and when it does, it'll sport new chips inside which according to Boxee, was responsible for the delay.  Instead of the previously announced Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, the oddly shaped set-top will feature Intel's Atom processor instead.

The Boxee Box will be available for $200 via or  The device was built by D-Link and is a media player that allows for 1080p HD videos, streamed to a television via the web or a local network.  It can also run a browser on the TV, including Flash content.

The heavily-gossiped device has been talked about for almost two years and the Boxee Box has managed to arrive just in time to compete with Apple's Apple TV and Google's Google TV.

Google TV will be available as a set-top box from Logitech and built into a TV from Sony. Pricing hasn't been announced.

Apple TV just received a drastic makeover and is now a quarter of the size of its previous-gen device.  It got a large price cut from more than $200 to a mere $99.  Apple TV will feature 99¢ TV rentals via iTunes as well as streaming content from iTunes on other devices.

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen addressed the Apple TV announcement on Boxee's corporate blog last week, saying he felt "strongly confident" about the space Apple left for Boxee to compete. "We have a different view of what users want in their living rooms. We are taking different paths to get there," he wrote. "The Boxee Box is going to be $100 more expensive than the Apple TV, but will give you the freedom to watch what you want. We think it's worth it."