Bowser Jr amiibo

amiibo hunters, heads up. If you live in the U.S. and you’ve been eyeing up the Bowser Jr. amiibo for your ever-growing collection, you’ll need to head to Toys “R” Us on launch day to get it.

The toy retailer confirmed over Twitter that the only way to get the Bowser Jr. amiibo was by going to a physical shop on September 11.

This whole retailer-exclusive amiibo thing has grown exceptionally ridiculous ever since the process started. Sure, Nintendo is creating artificial demand and rarity by agreeing to these exclusives, and I’m sure shops like Target, Amazon and Toys “R” Us are paying big bucks to go exclusive.

The consumers, though? They lose.

I wanted a Bowser Jr. amiibo. I don’t buy many. I tend to pick up the ones I think look cool or come from games I like. Instead of hunting for amiibo in the States and paying a premium on eBay if I can’t find them, I’ve started importing from Japan. I often get the amiibo I want before launch and at a far cheaper price. I picked up Pikmin & Olimar, an amiibo that isn’t even out yet, for $13 online. That’s a buck more than the MSRP.

Japanese Olimar amiibo

The amiibo craze is great for Nintendo. It’s cool for fans who enjoy the process of hunting and finding new figures for their collection. Me? I’ll stick to importing if I really, really want an amiibo.