When Nvidia recently revealed the GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, they put themselves in a bit of a weird position. At just $700 – yes, only $700 – it undercut their beastly Titan card, a $1200 card meant to destroy everything else in its path. They dethroned their own king. So they had to make a new king, and that ruler is the Nvidia Titan Xp – capital X, lowercase p.

The card is similar to the previous Titan and even to the 1080 Ti in a lot of ways. Externally, it looks just like the previous Titan, and even says Titan X on the outside, rather than Titan Xp

Under the hood, the card is based on the same GP102 GPU as the Titan XP and 1080 Ti, the same clock speed as the 1080 Ti (1582MHz), the same total power draw and power connector requirements. It features 12GB of GDDR5X RAM, just like the Titan X.

It does beat those cards out in a couple ways, though. The Titan Xp packs 3840 CUDA Cores compared to 3584 in the 1080 Ti and Titan X, and 547.7GB/s of memory bandwidth versus 484 in the 1080 Ti.

Hold on to your wallets

In other words, this thing is only for the top tier of the top tier of PC builders. For the price of a Titan XP, you could probably build a computer that gets in firing distance of the Titan Xp.

Jay of JayzTwoCents notes that to graphics enthusiasts, the pricing and release schedule here is a bit of a whiplash. People who just bought a Titan a few months back saw their card usurped by a card almost half the price, and then saw that card once again knocked over for a $1200 card not even two months later.

If you still want one, though, they’re available through Nvidia’s website for $1,200.