People ask me all the time why I converted from Windows to Mac and although I could give them a number reasons one stands out every time Apple releases a new software suite. It might be the new OS X version or in this case the release of iLife ’11. Apple does not publicize the “Up-to-Date” program like they do most everything else, but it is worth noting this consumer friendly offer.

screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-85710-pmThe iLife ’11 Hardware Up-to-Date program affords recent Mac purchasers the ability to purchase iLife ’11 for $6.99 as opposed to the $49 retail price. Customers whom purchased a Mac between October 1, 2010 and October 19, 2010 are eligible immediately while customers who purchase a machine after October 20, 2010 that does not include the updated software will have a 30 day window to purchase at the discounted price. Each country’s online store has a different link to the online form, but US customers can click here to verify eligibility and make their purchase.  Simply enter your Macs serial number and date of purchase and you will be able to purchase iLife ’11 for $6.99 plus applicable taxes.

This seems like a simple concept allowing recent customers to update included software for a highly discounted price, yet no other company offers such an Up-to-Date program. Then again, when you buy a Windows machine the only software that is included it the software you want to delete. You know all that trial software that is such a nuisance?

So, if you purchased a Mac in October make sure you take advantage of the discounted iLife ’11 Hardware Up-to-Date Program before dropping your hard earned cash.