Teenage girl plans to buy "stuff" with the $200 she'll receive for quitting Facebook.

An interesting story about a 14-year-old daughter who convinced her dad to pay her to suspend Facebook for five months is making the rounds. Paul Baier, a research consultant in Boston, posted an image on his blog of the contract he and his daughter signed. Under terms of the agreement, little Baier will receive $50 upfront for deactivating her account, and another $150 at the end of June when the contract expires.

"He/she will have access to my Facebook to change the password and to deactivate the account. This will prevent me from re-activating the account in the future," the contract reads.

The contract also spells out what the 14-year-old plans to buy with her new found stipend, which she vaguely listed as "stuff." Financial gain is not her only reason for agreeing to quit Facebook until summer. According to a report in the New York Daily Times, the daughter wants to focus on her studies without the distraction of social networking.

Some of the comments on the blog have questioned father Baier's parenting style, though it should be noted this wasn't an act of desperation on his part. The daughter came up with the idea, and he decided to roll with it.

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