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Like Beats and so many other subscription-based streaming options, Bose might be testing the waters for a music service of its own.

A job listing found on the company's site indicates Bose executives are looking for someone with experience in online music in the hopes of creating a "next generation streaming music platform." Bose's listing says prior experience with services like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, among others is preferred. The ideal candidate, if hired, would take on the title of Senior User Experience Designer.

Bose's service sounds like it's in the earliest stage of development, so don't expect anything to launch soon. But with seemingly endless streaming options out there, it will certainly be tough for Bose to nudge in if indeed the company hopes to create its own streaming service. The firm already has a reputation in the music hardware business, so it would seem Bose wants to leverage that if something does launch down the road.

One way Bose could market its service is to enlist the help of the NFL; the two are currently partners for the current season, with players only allowed to wear Bose headphones before and after games (otherwise risk a hefty fine). Bose could use the reach of the NFL to inform people it has a service, whatever it may be. Of course, that's looking well into the future, and it's not a sure thing Bose will even build or introduce anything.

Right now, Bose seems interested in building concepts and prototypes before actually moving forward with a product. If something does launch, it will definitely put Bose (and Apple) into a precarious position. The relationship between the two companies has become strained to say the least ever since Apple scooped up Beats.