CES 2019 may have come and gone, but with the technology that Bosch showed off in Las Vegas, it seems as though it will live on with us for many years to come.

Bosch and TechnoBuffalo teamed up at CES 2019 to give consumers a look at what they can currently purchase to improve their lives, as well as the future of technology. From the present to future, it seems as though technology is going to be touching every aspect of our lives. From robots cutting our grass without humans being involved, to no longer having to worry about the mundane task of driving a car, it seems that the future of robot-assisted living if finally here.

The centerpiece for Bosch was the IoT Shuttle. This concept car showed what it can be like to ride in a truly autonomous vehicle. Jon Rettinger spoke with Bernd Heinrichs, CDO of Mobility Solutions at Bosch, about the vehicle, and while the company has no plans to get into car production, it wanted to show off what its technologies could do for the world. Imagine a family that could get into a vehicle such as the IoT Shuttle and interact with one another and make it into true family time as opposed to being distracted by having to drive themselves. It’s a future we can get behind, especially with growing families of our own.

While it’s easy to get lured in by the big and flashy things that technology can do for us, sometimes it’s the simple things that can be the most useful. PAI is a projector from Bosch that will help you with tasks in the kitchen thanks to its integrated 3D sensor. This will allow you to turn your countertop into a work surface where you can bring up controls to help you, or, and this is where we fell in love, it can overlay a diagram on a cake so you know exactly where to cut to make even pieces. This is an art form I have never mastered, so I already want this in my home.

Technology is changing rapidly, and with that it is transforming every corner of our lives. Judging by what the company had on display at CES 2019, Bosch has made great strides, and there are even more to come.

This post was sponsored by Bosch.