Announced just last week by 2K Games and Gearbox, Borderlands Legends is out new for the iOS platform. The game comes in two different flavors, seeing as it's not a universal app, for the iPod/iPhone and iPad.

The iPod/iPhone version of the game sells for $4.99. The HD, or iPad, version sells for $6.99.

Don't you just hate non-universal apps? I always wonder if selling two different versions of these apps forces a little buyer's remorse on customers. Does it actually wind up hindering sales rather than helping them?

Before you dive into this game face first, understand that the critical reception for it so far has been, quite honestly, bad. Some reviewers deem the game "broken," others slap it for its horrendous AI and control scheme. Borderlands Legends, it seems, is an expensive mistake to make.

But, hey, if your lust for action on Pandora simply can't be satiated with console and PC gaming alone, you might want to check this out. Consider yourselves warned, though.

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