bl2vaultveteranrewardsGamers who played through Gearbox's RPG/shooter hybrid hit Borderlands will still be able to use their save data in the upcoming sequel, Borderlands 2. A promotional poster appeared on the developers main webpage Gearboxity, displaying the various new character skins and optional heads that will be available to those with a file.

If you haven't played the original Borderlands, the game is cheaply available at just about every store or online site you can enter. Steam sometimes has it available for as low as $5. Gearbox's hit surprised the market back in 2010 by selling 3 million units in the first year alone (and still rising), making it the second shooter surprise hit 2K Games published after BioShock knocked everyone's socks off in 2007. Be sure to grab a friend to play co-op with if you are interested because the single player is pretty boring.

The unique artwork, pick up and play co-op style, and insane amount of guns gained enough popularity to spawn a highly anticipated sequel expected on September 18th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The game's ridiculous preorder options offer a lot of extra material for fans will to cough up the extra money, but the unique skins and heads will be available for the basic box.

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