You might want to grab a cup of joe (or booze, if it's a late night, you meet the minimum drinking age in your location and that's how you like to relax…we won't judge) and strap in for the long haul if you plan on watching this video from Borderlands 2.

You should watch it, by the way, it's incredibly interesting and shows a ton of what the sequel to the vault hunting original has to offer.

The whole of this is narrated by one Sir Hammerlock, who we assume is a new NPC in the game, and he runs through more than six and a half minutes of Borderlands 2 goodness. You'll learn about Pandora, its new environments, the new guns, the new grenades, the new enemies and a bit more through its length.

Borderlands 2 is almost upon us. The title is set to launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on September 18.

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