I loved the original Borderlands. The combination of solid first person shooter gameplay, multiplayer gaming and sweet, sweet loot made it one of my favorite games to launch for this generation of consoles.

Playing the title, though, left me with two major complaints: the game's story was terrible and there wasn't enough diversity. When I say "diversity," I mean, generally, that the areas, enemies and feeling of the game felt incredibly repetitive.

I was able to play Borderlands 2 a few months ago at a special event in New York. You can actually read my preview here. At that event, I noticed that both environments and enemies felt unique, separate and fresh.

Well, I guess my two hours with the game was a great look at what's coming. In an open Q & A with fans on the PlayStation Blog, Matt Charles, Producer of Borderlands 2, explained that there are a ton of enemies. Here's the question (in bold) and his answer:

What are you doing to extend the variety of enemy types and combat encounters?

There are brand new enemy families in Borderlands 2, and the total count of unique enemies (including special elemental variants with unique AI) is in the triple digits. New environments + new enemy types and behaviours = much more varied combat encounters!

Borderlands 2 will drop for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on September 18th of this year.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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