Gearbox has elected to add a brand new Vault Hunter to the pile of five that players currently have available to them when it comes time to launch their second quest in Pandora. This new character is known as Krieg, and he's what Gearbox is calling the new Psycho Bandit character class.

In the press release that accompanied Krieg's reveal, Gearbox and 2K Games indicate that this new hero comes "wielding a buzz axe and harnessing his psychotic multiple personalities." He'll be able to dish out both vicious melee and ranged attacks.

This new character is currently set to release in May for all versions of Borderlands 2. He'll cost players $9.99 (or 800 Points in Microsoft's holdout currency). It is not part of the Season Pass that fans may or may not have purchased.

Finally, Gearbox has elected to raise the level cap to 61. That's happening on April 2nd with Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack. That pack is set to cost $5, but it's free to those who have the Season Pass.