Borderlands 2 will officially launch tomorrow for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. Gearbox has decided to mark the event, in typical fashion, with one more lengthy trailer.

The star of the video is actually the game's main villain, Handsome Jack. That's right, he's the one telling the vault hunters that they are, in fact, the villains of the campaign. In Handsome Jack's mind, as it should be, his efforts represent the heroic while those of the player are heinous and misguided.

Hopefully, that's not the most compelling narrative aspect Borderlands 2 is set to offer. After my first romp through Pandora, I'm dying for a better told tale and a stronger host of NPC characters.

I'll find out tomorrow, despite what the trailer says, when my copy lands on my doorstep.

Will you be diving into this brand new RPG any time soon?

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