boomer-left4dead-figurineBoomer Action Figure

While not the most threatening of special infected in the Left 4 Dead series, Boomers have a reputation for being annoying — and horrifyingly grotesque. Perhaps their best trait (if you can call it that) is that they’re easily the most satisfying to kill — a simple shot to the gut will result in a spectacular firework show of blood and guts, with the only leftovers being the Boomer’s bottom half. This 7-inch figurine mimics its digital counterpart by having a detachable torso, allowing you to see the beauty within. To heighten the figure’s realism factor, the Boomer has “amazing articulation:” Ball-jointed neck, shoulders, wrists, upper torso, hips and ankles, hinged jaw, insert-molded ball-hinged elbows and knees, and a swivel waist. Toys these days are frighteningly real, but in a good way. $19.99 [via ThinkGeek]

neo-geo-xNeo Geo X

Even with access to console-quality mobile games on iOS and Android, nothing beats a big dose of nostalgia. The Neo Geo X, manufactured by Blaze under SNK’s license, is being introduced to the handheld world later this year in a PSP-esque configuration. For $200, users will get 20 game preloaded — Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters ’95, etc. — that should tide over any long flight or commute. The portable console will support an “expandable game car slot” as well for additional titles. Under the hood is still a mystery — what resolution is that 4.3-inch screen? — but we do know it’ll come with a few accessories: joystick attachment and dock for connecting your experience to the TV. Perfect holiday gift?  [via TheVerge, NeoGeoX]

custom-video-game-coversCustom Video Game Covers

Are video games art? Are they?! Depends on who you ask. Opponents would say they’re just mindless entertainment, designed to influence consumers to do harm. These people clearly haven’t played Portal 2, or Shadow of the Colossus, or even Journey (I haven’t played Journey, but I hear it’s great). So when you go to college this fall, instead of your shelf looking like a GameStop, bring the sophistication level up a notch by changing your video game’s covers with the classic Penguin aesthetic. All it takes is $6 to get three covers — you specify the games — which unfortunately you have to print out yourself. Unless you shelled out hundreds of dollars for Photoshop, be glad there’s someone out there doing this for you. Plus, you can use the money you saved to buy some extra games. [CoolMaterial, Etsy]

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