With the game's release exactly a week away from today, Sony decided to dish a trailer highlighting some of the bonus content exclusive to the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection. The video above packs nearly three minutes of in-game footage and interviews from both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as a peek at The Last Guardian.

Sony previously detailed exactly what type of extra content purchasers of this collection would be buying a few weeks back. Here's the bulk of it once more:

  • Early concept and prototype video montage of ICO
  • Early concept and prototype video montage of Shadow of the Colossus
  • Initial concept video for NICO, a game that was never made but turned into Shadow of the Colossus, including an on-camera introduction from creator Fumito Ueda
  • Candid 20+ minute round-table discussion between Fumito Ueda (creator), Kenji Kaido (producer) and Junichi Hosono (designer)
  • And last but not least, a 12-minute behind-the-scenes video filmed on location at the SCEI offices in Japan. This video features interviews with key production staff members about the making of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian, as well as concept art and prototype footage of all the games, and exclusive never-before-seen footage of The Last Guardian

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection officially releases next Tuesday, September 27th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. If you never had a chance to experience work from the one-of-a-kind Team Ico studio, I suggest you snag to bundle. It will sell for $40, and that's practically a steal.

How about any of you long-time Team Ico fans? Will you be looking to repurchase these classics and relive the experience one more time in remastered HD? Or has the holiday blast of ridiculous content made your wallets a little too light to take the dip?

[via PlayStation.Blog]