British Researchers at the London College of Fashion, University of Surrey and Bodymetrics have developed a system that allows for virtual body measurement with Microsoft Kinect-like technology to make accurate clothing measurements. According to ComScore estimates 14 percent of online transactions were made towards clothing, a low number attributed to the fact that most people wish to try on clothing before purchasing them.  One estimate points at 30-60 percent of online clothing purchases are eventually returned, the same source claims that consumers will often order multiple sizes of the same clothing if the customer is unsure of the size. This new technology is meant to lessen these unnecessary returns.

While other companies, including Berlin-based Upcloud, offer a home scanner that uses webcam, the British team’s technology promises to be far more accurate. The University of Surrey’s contribution is the same technology used to create characters for the Sims.

The measurement technology seems to offer quite a bit of potential, it would definitely help retailers and customers cut down on costly returns. It would be great to see this technology expanded to say living room furniture or whatever else.