Bob Mansfield Senior Vice President

A bit of a mystery is brewing over at Apple as Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield has disappeared from the company's leadership page at, and no information can be found anywhere on the site.

Sometime over the weekend Mansfield's bio disappeared from the Apple site, but no word has been spoken as to why. Mansfield announced his retirement in June 2012, only to announce a mere eight weeks later that he was sticking around after all. The belief was that the firing of Scott Forstall factored into his reversal in employment.

In a bid to keep him on with the company, it is believed that Apple CEO Tim Cook offered him a pay package that was generous enough to keep him around until at least 2014, so the sudden disappearance from the company's bio page is a bit shocking. He also had moved from being in the hardware division, where he oversaw the design of the MacBook Air, to being the Senior Vice President of Technologies where he was working on projects such as wireless charging and semiconductors.

It is always possible this is an error, or some form of work is being done to the page, but it definitely seems a tad suspicious. We'll just have to see if anything is revealed in the coming days or if the page just suddenly reappears.

UPDATE: Speaking with AllThingsD, Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling said "Bob is no longer going to be on Apple's executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to Tim (Cook, CEO)." No details were provided as to why the sudden change had happened or if a new Senior Vice President of Technologies would be appointed.