Back in 2014, BMW made the announcement that it would scale back on super sports cars as the market was rapidly shrinking. Those words were thankfully short-lived as the German auto maker still has a soft spot of gorgeous sport coupes.

Jumping back into the sports car market with a splash, BMW unveiled its Z4 sports roadster prototype that shows off its design mastery.

Announced this week during the Monterey Car Week, the Z4 is the product of BMW’s partnership with Toyota that is giving its sports car segment a slight revival. BMW struck a partnership with Toyota back in 2013 to help offset the costs of an expensive sports car. Toyota also benefited from the deal, with its first cars being the Toyota Supra. BMW’s first cars is the gorgeous Z4.

BMW’s motto is “the ultimate driving machine” and the Z4 looks every bit the part. This is unlike any other BMW we’ve seen recently, with a brand new chassis.

It starts off right away with the aggressive front. It’s still very much a BMW with the split grill, but it’s done with purpose now. The headlights flanking the front grill are more menacing with a wider design. At the bottom corners are pitch-black vents that complete the front’s menacing demeanor.

On the side are fender vents that lead into the fender flare. The side is adorned with sleek and elegant lines. Getting to the rear, you see long tail lamps with vibrant LEDs and a dual-exhaust set-up with chrome tips at the bottom.

The Z4 is fitted with grand wheels that look to be 20-inches or bigger in size. BMW lessened the wheel gap as well to give the overall look are stealthier appearance.

The prototype BMW was showing off comes in a matte burnt orange color that gives it a unique and elegant look.

BMW is planning to unveil a production model at the Geneva Auto Show in 2018. The dream of driving this hot roadster is not all that far away.