BMW has unveiled its X7 SUV hybrid concept that is a hulking futuristic car solely made for large families.

The three-row SUV is a slight departure from past X-line designs, eclipsing the other big BMW family-focused SUV, the X5, by a sizable margin. Those designs were rounder, sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The X7 is boxier, straight and a little brusque.

BMW revamped the classic double round grille to a boxier one that’s much bigger. It’s an in-your-face detail that some may not like as it greatly differs from BMW’s past grill designs.

Moving beyond the grill, you can see BMW put great attention to little details like the X-shaped laser lights, horizontal LED tail lights and the gigantic 15-spoke wheels with a glossy gunmetal finish. There are also big accent vents on the front and back that really stand out.

But where the design makes the X7 feel reserved, the technology inside gives it an exciting outlook. The aesthetic is very much inline with BMW’s current interior designs, but with a greater tech focus.

The instrument cluster is a 12.3-inch display with a fancy blue interface. A few inches to the right is the 12.3-inch center console touch display that will be where BMW’s iDrive system lives. BMW included a thick flat-bottom steering wheel, leather seats complete with a hexagonal pattern and gorgeous panoramic sunroof with funky-looking LED lights.

Moving to the back seats, this is where extra attention was paid to the family-friendliness of the X7’s build. On the back headrests of the front driver seats live two huge displays to entertain children. Perfect for long drives.

BMW didn’t get into details about the X7’s hybrid motor and how much power it’ll have. But this is just a concept. BMW is planning on unveiling the production model next year, likely in gas and electric variants, along with a hybrid model.